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A Bible Lettering on 2 Corinthians 5:7, "For we walk by faith and not by sight."

Sometimes, I do feel like God is silent. But then I’m thankful that He made me reflect upon myself that sometimes I can be impatient, demanding or doubtful. He made me realize that I have to walk by faith and trust in His timing. He reminded me of the miracles and good things He has done not just for me but also for my family. Reflecting on these things brought peace and rest to my soul. He answered the questions that have preoccupied my mind by pointing me to passages from the Bible. He may seem silent but He is never absent.

Let me just leave you with this excerpt from a wonderfully written article by Desiring God:

Choosing a Crossroad

“We don’t start out willing to wait. Our natural response to waiting is often anger or doubt. Fortunately, God is gracious and merciful, understanding of our tendencies. Simply feeling deep, complex emotions in waiting — especially for significant things, like a pregnancy or a job — is not necessarily sinful in itself. But we can decide where those emotions take us.

We can decide to exalt these feelings. We might act on them by taking matters into our own hands. Or perhaps we will not act, but we’ll make an idol out of the good for which we are waiting — every passing day is another log on the fires of bitterness, impatience, ingratitude, perhaps even resentment against the God who won’t give us what we want.

Or, by God’s grace, we can choose to wait as he intends. “Waiting on the Lord is the opposite of running ahead of the Lord, and it’s the opposite of bailing out on the Lord,” writes John Piper. “It’s staying at your appointed place while he says stay, or it’s going at his appointed pace while he says go. It’s not impetuous, and it’s not despairing.”

We have the choice, then, to take a deep breath, release our clenched hands, and let God be God. And we are invited to continue hoping in his greatness”


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