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A personal passion project to create different letterings for famous brands


I just love Google’s colors and I had so much fun doing this. When I was in college as a marketing student, my dream was to work in Google because their office is just so cool! Now that I became an illustrator, my dream is to have my own google doodle on their homepage. 



When I was in highschool, I made several cover photos for my  friends' Facebook pages. I enjoyed cexploring designs that I made them for free. This design is inspired by the wonderful interactions I experienced when using Facebook.



I watched Apple’s 2021 product launch in Youtube and I was in awe all throughout the video! It’s like watching the product presentation from the kdrama series, Startup, but this one is much cooler because it’s real! All the people behind their brand and their partner ad agency are just amazing! This design is inspired by Apple's 2021 Product Launch.



This piece is dedicated to Uber who has been a huge help when I was commuting to work before. I was sad they stopped their business here in the Philippines. I hope they will return!



I’ve been binge watching Kdramas in Netflix for the past consecutive weeks already and it’s such a huge lifesaver during this pandemic when most of us are away from social interaction .This lettering illustration is a tribute to Netflix and all the kdrama Oppas that made my heart flutter. I featured 4 Ultimate Oppas here but there’s a ton in my list! 



Ofcourse, Snapchat is on the list! I remember having tons of fun doing stickers for this brand and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity given to me! 



I love Samsung ‘s marketing because they always do phone features in kdramas. I remember they heavily featured their Z fold series in Itaewon, It’s Ok not to be Okay and Start Up, and honestly it made me want to buy one for myself! Such an effective strategy! 



Microsoft has been my longtime companion eversince elementary and it really made our lives easier. Bill Gates is just awesome!

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